This year Lithuanian Rally Sprint Championship (LRSC) starts with new name and new format. Historic Baltic Sprint is how we gonna see the tournament. If present seasons was all about to create the competition as much similar to reality, this year organizers decided to move things in opposite.
   RBR-LT HRS (e.n. Historic Baltic Sprint) will have same Lithuanian Rally Sprint events as it is in reality on 2019 season but in addition championship will have events from countries around to make this tournament more lively. Moreover there will be no modern tech.. Only good old machines. Yes, yes we gonna see Quattro's battling Escorts and so on..
   So this new format of old LRSC should bring more action and definitely more pain on hands while fighting with these monster from the past through today's stage corners. So far we have 40 entries and Winter Rally event shakedown is already started. Gentleman, please start Your engines!
Date from: 27.1.2019 08:01 (GMT +1)
Date to: 2.2.2019 23:59 (gmt +1)