Second day of Rallye Monte-Carlo was probably the most tricky so far. It was a big decision in the morning what tires to choose. Because the first stage was fully dry tarmac with some snow patches but the next stage said what there will be "some" snow. So leaders had made a different decisions.
   Mateusz Przyslakowski won SS8 with confident and his tarmac tires. Rene Ritter finished 3rd, Kaneda Masaya 4th, Paulo Tempera 5th also using tarmac tires. But some of top drivers had an information that SS9 is covered with lots of snow, so half of the convoy chose studded snow tires. What made them very slow in SS8.. The fastest from top drivers with snow tires was Tomek Wach driving ┼ákoda Fabia R5. He finished only in 28th place on SS8 and lost almost a minute to Mateusz which drove with tarmac tires. Juan Marzoa who had 2nd overall position after leg 1 showed only 35th result in first stage of second day. This looked like a disaster for those who drove with snow tires.
   But in fact this was a very big advantage for those SS8 "loosers" then they jumped on to the next stage. Now Juan Marzoa showed 2nd result following Alex Karkach in 1st and Tomek Wach in 3rd. While SS8 leaders was almost 2 minutes slower than any other driver with snow tires. This was a big loss for and Renne Ritter. They showed 33 and 35 results in SS9 and instantly become not the leading the rally any more.
   After the service all fast drivers continued the rally with snow tires and in the repeating SS10 the R5 cars showed magnificent results. Even five R5 cars in Top 10 of SS10 results with leading Tomek Wach and Jyrki Niemela being second.
   In the SS11 Juan Marzoa continued his stable driving after very bad start of Rallye Monte-Carlo in the opening stage and now he is the rally leader by 43,7 seconds over Tomek Wach in 2nd place. This could be a dream victory for Juan but he has to be focused in the last day, no matter that the Tomek Wach is driving potentially slower ┼ákoda Fabia R5. As we saw everything can happen in Rallye Monte-Carlo, even if you have minute or two advantage. Next in Top 10 is Finish driver Jyrki Niemela with Ford Fiesta R5 and 1 minute 35 sec. gap against Juan. This is there the fight for 3 place begins. Just 14 seconds behind Jyrki is Renne Ritter with much more powerful Ford Fiesta WRC. Just less than 5 seconds behind him we see a Lithuanian Arnas Kerbelys who made a big jump in positions after first leg. But he will have to drive his VW Polo R WRC like mad, because 12,69 seconds behind him in 6th place we see very fast and probably mad after bad tire choice Mateusz Przyslakowski. Who said, that he gonna be totaly flat out in the last day: "Last day will be very interesting! I want to drive on the limit (smiles)".
   Let's see what the last day of Open RBR-LT WRC Rallye Monte-Carlo will bring to us and who will take the first win of the season!