It was a really good start of the new format RBR-LT Sprint season, which now is called Historic Baltic Sprint. 50 snow kilometers divided into three stages ran two times each was the first challenge for some very old cars. Around 70 cars with their drivers and co-drivers stood near the start line and 48 finished. The numbers are quite amazing.

Probably it is not a surprise, that first places were taken by legendary Audi Quattro S1 Group B car. By half a minute, Spaniard Joan Marzoa took first win in this year championship. He said, that he likes this car, so there will be quite a head pain for other drivers to catch him in the next rounds. Second-placed Quattro was driven by Polish Mateusz Przyszlakowski. And the third place went to Russian Sergey Ivanov. He was driving a bit less powerful, but still very fast Toyota Celica GT-Four. All these cars, of course, are driven by all wheels.

No surprise, that fastest RWD driver was Tomek Wach. We all remember his Porsche winning everything last year. This time he drives exotic FSO Polonez car. He is placed 16th at overall standings. Second and third places were taken by Russian Aleksandr  Romanenko with Lada VFTS and Lithuanian Laurynas Razas with popular BMW E36 Compact.

And between Front Wheel driven cars, two old good VW Golf II GTi’s was fastest. First was Ukrainian Lebed Nazariy and the second Portuguese Roias Helder. The third spot went to our old friend from Latvia - Toms Kineens with Lada Samara. Fastest FWD car was in 22nd place overall.

It was really a pleasure to see so many different cars battling with each other so close despite being so diverse in power and other attributes.

So two more snow rallies left before we will attack warmer surfaces. Next week we will travel to the north of Latvia - to Rally Sarma.