Second leg of Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 Rally Sweden is done and we have a very tight battle for the victory in Värmland region. Competitors had 8 stages in leg 2, one 30 min. service and a lot of battle of seconds.
   The biggest surprise of second leg was presented by Anton Kochetkov. Russian won 7 of 8 stages and minimized his 1.01 min. gap of rally leader after day one to 30.53 seconds by jumping from 8th place to 3rd. The only stage that Anton hasn't won was won by Juan Marzoa, who had a bad day and lost his 3rd place to Anton by dropping to 4th place with 48.59 seconds gap from rally leader.
   1st place after first leg Petr Kubovsky had a really strong pressure from Alex Karkach. Czech overtook Russian just in two stages and in the rest of them he kept loosing for Alex second by second. In the end of the day Petr managed to stay in first place but his 15 seconds advantage melted, like snow is melting in Värmland, to tiny 7.48 seconds. Having such a hot fight for Rally Sweden victory these guys definitely gonna melt some more snow in last day. Knowing that last leg has just 3 special stages Alex Karkach will have to push his Citroën C3 WRC to the limit if he wants his first season win as well as Petr.
   Guys in WRC 2 category are living a sanatorium life compared to the guys in top 3. Tomek Wach droped to 5th place overall after very successful Kochetkov's drive in second leg but he continues leading in his classification by massive 3 min. 18 sec. gap on Finn Jyrki Niemela. Nobody knows how it would be ended if Jurek Bogdanowichz wouldn't be involved in a crash on SS12, because until then Jurek was leading WRC 2 classification by 17 seconds against Tomek. 3rd place, after many other R5 cars crashes and retirements, is claimed by Lithuanian Paulius Butmanas who's Subaru Impreza WRX STi N4 was just in 12th position after first leg. Paulius looses 6 min. 18 sec. to Tomek.
   After having a tight battle in first leg WRC 3 leaders continued same in second leg. Oscar Estevez won 4 special stages and Karl Buravchik won 3. However Karl lost too much in two of them and now is half a minute behind Oscar. It will be very hard for Karl to get back closer to Portuguese driver. Maciej Zawisza still holds 3rd place but his chances to climb higher is only somebody's mistake because he is almost 5 minutes behind Oscar.
   That's how 8 more special stages in Rally Sweden mixed the cards for some of the drivers. This is just second round of Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 championship and we already have a very tight battle who's winner probably will be decided in the last kilometers of Swedish snow and ice.