Yesterday Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 competitors completed the first asphalt shakedown of the season. Anton Kochetkov set the fastest time in 4,5 kilometers test stage but we didn't had the full drivers fleet at shakedown session.
   Anton's best run from three tries was almost 7 seconds better than anyone else's. Petr Kubovsky, which we saw at Rally Mexico, set the second fastest time in shakedown. And Mateusz Przyslakowsky who did just one start in the first event of the season is 3rd at the shakedown. So we have two really serious drivers back in one of the most serious rallies of the season for more intense event.
   But this shakedown session didn't brought the full view what can happen in Corsica. This is because we missed some top drivers in this session. Juan Marzoa and Alex Karkach decided to save their energy for the main event. We will see what they are hiding for us. We also missed a Rene Ritter, unfortunately we wont see him as German didn't apply for asphalt event. But in addition to this loss we have some serious changes from Tomek Wach. Pole enrolled with new car for 5th event and chose even different category. Tomek left his "Škoda Fabia R5" and jumped to same car as Anton Kochetkov is driving - "Citroën C3 WRC". Although we didn't see Tomek in shakedown, we can just imagine how fast he gonna be with this car if he finished in podiums with "Škoda".
   Tomorrow we gonna see what the first day of Tour de Corse gonna bring to us. Many exiting stuff should happen.