We know that Tour de Corse event is not an easy walk, but nobody expected that this will be a survivor one. Only 13 drivers managed to reach a clean finish of day two without "Super Rally" rule. Before last days remaining two stages we have quite a clear positions and big gaps between top 10 drivers.
   Jurek Bogdanowich was a rally leader after first day, but he immediately retired on the very first stage of the second day. Quickly the drivers who were fighting for 2nd place had a chance to fight for the lead. It was all "Citroen" drivers in an interval of 10 seconds. Tomek Wach was just 0.69sec. away from Alex Karkach and Anton Kochetkov just 8.68sec. behind Tomek. It didn't took too long for Pole to take a lead. Tomek was doing great in his new WRC car and won SS7 where Jurek retired and even more Alex Karkach lost almost half a minute to Tomek. So it immediately became a solid lead of 20sec. against Anton Kochetkov. Later on Tomek and Anton drove second to second until Russian Rocket made a critical mistake in SS10 just 20 meters till finish. From this moment Tomek had over 1min. advantage against Alex Karkach and managed to win all the rest stages of day two. So now Tomek Wach is sitting strong in first place with 1min. 36.64sec. gap from Alex and Juan Marzoa in 3rd place with 52sec. from Alex.
   After Tomek Wach made a move to WRC category, there was chance for other WRC 2 driver to finally take a win. The main guys was Echedei Benitez from Spain and Jyrki Niemela with 3 second place wins and victory in Azores. But both of them ended their show yet in first day. But there was one guy from Ukraine left. Kirill Kolomiets started to dictate his conditions and won 3 last stages of day two and then was fighting with Jyrki for a stage wins in day two. But obvious Jyrki was just having fun, because no chance to go higher. After winning 3 more stages in day two Kirill collected almost 3min. barrier against Tomasz Rajewksi in 2nd place and is more than a safe before last two stages. In 3rd place we see Jonis Jonaitis with "Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX N4" also with no chance go higher.
   Oscar Estévez breaking all records with his "Renault Clio" being 5th overall.. And in the 9th position we have one more two wheel drive car, Maciej Zawisza with "Ford Fiesta S1600". But Pole is almost no chances of catching Ocar with that 4min. gap from Portuguese. Moreover 3rd place driver of WRC 3 classification is also almost in top 10. Remus Diaconescu piloting same car as Oscar is 11th overall and even more he has 5min. of penalty from "Super Rally". Really incredible speed of those little 2WD cars, we have five of them in top.15.
   Just two stages left in last day and very big gaps between drivers so just a few of them are still having some battles for a position. The main thing now is keep calm and don't make unnecessary problems.