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Open RBR-LT WRC 2020

Shakedown - 12.07-08

Rally - 12.09-14



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Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 02.01-02

Rally - 02.03-08




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   This Open RBR-LT WRC season is almost without a brakes. We just had an Rally Argentina and now we have results of Rally Islas Canarias. This shortened ERC event can give drivers additional points and 52 participant decided to travel for this event to a Canaries islands. 40 of them reached the finish and we again had a battle between two Polish guys, but this time the scenario was different.
   Same as in Argentina Jurek Bogdanowicz took power to his hands from the beginning. Ford Fiesta driver won all three stages before service and all by very similar 3sec advantage against Tomek Wach. So after three stages Tomek was in need of pushing and minimizing that 9.83sec gap. And he did so, but win in SS4 over Jurek was just by 0.98sec. These two guys kept fighting second by second on each stage and by the end of SS6 the gap against Tomek was tidily increased to 11.77sec. Just two stages left and this didn't looked promising for Tomek even more then Jurek won SS7 and Tomek lost over 8sec on that stage. Before last stage it seemed all over with 20.64sec Jurek's lead, but it was all over for Jurek. Polish driver didn't control the car in one of the corners, slid of the road and ended his rally in a ditch letting Tomek Wach take his second win this season. "Not too much trust to the car today, especially on all these bumps and jumps so I was holding back quite. Despite that I did some mistakes anyway but the result is good so I'm happy with this. Thanks all!",- spoke Tomek after finish. Luckily Jurek's hard job and 6 stage wins wasn't in vain, he finished in 9th position with 5 minutes of penalty and still gonna earn some points. Tomek Wach will increase his leadership while his rival in standings Juan Marzoa finished 2nd here, Spaniard was over 40sec behind just after 3stages so no other driver was in level like two Polish guys this event. 3rd is Oscar Estévez who drove his 2WD Clio spectacular and overtook Mateusz Przyszlakowski in his WRC Hyundai by 22sec.
   Echedei Benitez was leading WRC 2 clasification by 40sec but retired after half of the rally and Polish Michal Szparski took the lead. After winning last three stages Michal clinched a victory by 31.18sec advantage on Jyrki Niemela and leaving his countryman Marek Sala in 3rd place with 1min 31.11sec gap. All three first places is taken by Ford Fiesta R5 drivers and Tomasz Rajewski in 4th place also uses the same vehicle.
   Same as ever before Oscar Estévez had won the WRC 3 classification, but this time it could have ended differently. After five stages Oscar had just 1.12sec lead against new driver in our championship Miguel Lopez from Spain. Unfortunately Miguel made a mistake in SS6 and lost 8sec to Oscar but in SS7 Miguel's Honda had to retire after going straight in one of the corners. This meant another Oscar win in WRC 3, but this time with just 5 stage wins from 8. Second place is taken by Maciej Zawisza almost 2min gap from Oscar and 3rd place goes to Remus Diaconescu with 25.33sec behind Maciej.
   23 drivers reached the finish without Super Rally penalties 13 different nations entered event in Canaries islands. Next stop is Rally Chile, all new event to calendar should bring many new challenges and maybe some more nations to drivers line. Se You all in Rally Chile - 8th round of Open RBR-LT WRC 2019!