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Open RBR-LT WRC 2020

Shakedown - 12.07-08

Rally - 12.09-14



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Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 02.01-02

Rally - 02.03-08




WRC20 top5 r7


   After very long shakedown stage Rally Chile delivered a brutal first leg where drivers drove 8 and 13mins stages twice. Were was also a wet surface in some of the stages and not everybody managed to take this challenge. Less than a half (24 out of 58) of drivers survived 6 stages day without a Super Rally rule.
   One of them was Jurek Bogdanowicz, Pole made a mistake at the very first stage. We also missed another Polish rally start and current championship leader Tomek Wach. This could be a chance for Juan Marzoa to take a lead in Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 overall standings as he has 19,5 points deficit against Tomek. However 3rd place, in which Juan is now, is not enough unless he wins a Power Stage. Of course Juan has all chances to go higher because he is just 5sec behind Libor Tomekcek. Czech driver holds a 2nd place and has to admit Anton Kochetkov's advantage by losing to him over 1 minute. Anton had won all special stages of first leg except SS1 where Arnas Kerbelys punished him by 4 seconds.
   Four different drivers took a stage wins in WRC 2 classification but Jyrki Niemela did it more than others and managed to build a serious 1min 21.09sec lead after first leg. In 2nd place we have Opel Corsa from Sweden with Hasse Onkamo behind the wheel who has a great fight with two more guys. Echedei Benitez in 3rd place is 12sec behind and Kirill Kolomiets in 4th place is 18sec behind. Four different car makers in top 4, should be a nice battle till the end of rally.
   Big news in WRC 3 category. After first stage it looked that Oscar Estévez gonna dominate one more event after he won the first stage. But that day it was all from Oscar, because in next one he made a mistake at the end of the stage. Now he has 25min of Super Rally penalty and minimum chances of reaching a top 3. After Oscar retirement we had various drivers winning stages but Mariusz Domanus have been most stable and showed the best result. His Peaugeot 208 R2 is 1min and a half in a lead of Mirek Woronecki's Citroen DS3 R3. 3rd is Polish Oskar Mackowiak with Opel ADAM R2 almost 3mins from Marsiuz.
   Second leg of Rally Chile will have a same amount of stages as first had. But we still have unknown surprises this new event can bring to us. Stay with us and follow these adventures!