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Open RBR-LT WRC 2020

Shakedown - 12.07-08

Rally - 12.09-14



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Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 02.01-02

Rally - 02.03-08




WRC20 top5 r7


   Second day passed in the new event of Open RBR-LT WRC and Rally Chile took 6 more drivers to Super Rally traps. At this moment we have 44 finishers in second day and 18 of them without Super Rally penalties. Day two looked easier, but nobody got closer to Anton whatsoever.
   Russian started calmly and wasn't the fastest during three first stages of the day. Mantvydas Rallys took a win in first stage, then Juan Marzoa showed his speed by winning second stage. Gedvis Ralistaz was very fast in second day and won SS3 but after service Anton Kochetkov got back to work and won all other stages by increasing his lead to 1min 43sec. Juan Marzoa drove really well this day and took over Libor Tomecek in the beginning of second day. Spaniard beat Czech in 4 stages out of 6 and build a 19.61sec lead over Tomecek. Czech Republic driver gonna have to use all his Toyota Yaris benefits if he wants to bring back his 2nd place during last fours stages.
   Jyrki Niemela is hardly stoppable in WRC 2 classification after Tomek Wach moved to WRC car. Finn too 5 more stage wins in second day and lead by almost two minutes. Echedei Benitez was behind Jyrki in all of the stages and in the last one he lost just a half of a second. Of course this gives nothing but more lost time to Jyrki, but Spaniard build a very solid lead over Michal Szparski who is in 3rd pace. Pole is losing 2min and 26sec to Echedei and over 4mins to Jyrki.
   Mirek Woronecki was cutting time from Mariusz Domanus lead almost in all stages and from 1min 40sec got closer to 1 minute. That could be a really nice intrigue for the last day, but Mirek made a mistake in the last stage of the day and finished it with Super Rally. Nor Mariusz is more than a safe in first place and can count how much points he will have after this event. 3rd place belongs to Oscar Mackowiak. It is important to emphasize that Oscar Estévez didn't continue his rally after crash in first day so he is out of the points in Rally Chile.
   Last day will bring us not three, as usual, but four special stages. We should see nice fights for 2nd place between Juan Marzoa and Libor Tomecek and also for 4th place where just 1 second separates Jyrki Niemela and Mateusz Przyszlakowski. It is also nice to see even three Lithuanians in top 10. Hope too see You all at the finish of Rally Chile!