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Open RBR-LT WRC 2020

Shakedown - 12.07-08

Rally - 12.09-14



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Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 02.01-02

Rally - 02.03-08




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   8th round of Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 finished and from 58 crews and 14 nations, 43 of them reached the Rally Chile finish and just 16 crews did it without a Super Rally penalty. So far it was second longest event this season after Rally Mexico and probably one of the toughest. The weather conditions was as tricky as the stages it self. After all we can congratulate Russian Anton Kochetkov with a 3rd and maybe a last win in Open RBR-LT WRC championship.
   "The Russian Rocket" as Anton Kochetkov has been given this nickname after impressive drive this season, can be not seen in further Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 championship. Russian drove calm on last day and let two Lithuanians win first two stages of day three and then Anton sprinted just in last stage and went for Power Stage win. The gap from Juan Marzoa stayed almost the same and Anton won maximum 30 points from Rally Chile, but then scrutineers got suspicious about Russians Citroen wight. After first check it seems that Anton Kochetkov car has less wight than regulations allows. This could mean that Juan Marzoa will take a win in Rally Chile if Anton's result will be disqualified. In that situation Juan would overtake Tomek Wach in overall standings by points and became a championship leader for the first time, while Anton Kochetkov is suspended for the rest of the season while the investigation of possible rule violation is happening. So for now Juan Marzoa is 2nd and Libor Tomecek is 3rd but these guys can climb one position higher as same as Przyszlakowski who is 4th at the moment.
   Not much changed in WRC 2 in the last day. Jyrki Niemela chose to run safe and after winning two more stages he increased his lead to 2min ad 44.35sec and took his second win this season. Echedei Benitez fro Spain brought his Citroën C3 R to 2nd place and Michal Szparski from Poland with same For Fiesta R as Jyrki's kept his 3rd place.
   Mariusz Domanus was leading in WRC 3 by a massive 6 minutes but Pole made a crash in the first stage of last day and retired from fight for top positions. This was a gift for Mariusz's countryman Mirek Woronecki and all Citroën team. Mirek had some rivalry with Valek Vlasta in the stages but in the end Pole won by 42 seconds. This is the first win for Mirek and for Citroën in WRC 3 because all the previous events were won by Oscar Estévez and his Renault Clio. 3rd place finisher Oscar Mackowiak was faster than Valek in all stages by 10-15 seconds and just 1.11sec were separating Oscar from Valek and his 2nd place in the finish.
   Rally Chile ended in not the most beautiful note but the season continues and we are moving back to Europe. Next challenge is Rally Liepaja in Latvia. Be prepared for some fast gravel fun!