11th Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 event started in Sardinia with Juan Marzoa lead. 56 crews started the first stage and so far we lost just two crews which didn't reached the finish of leg one. But many drivers (25) have bad times with Super Rally penalty. Of course not the Spaniard.
   Juan won three special stages and three of them he was in top 3, this is how he managed to build a 35.97sec advantage against Lithuanian Gedvis Ralistaz in 2nd place who is recently showing a really good speed. Here is Gedvis thoughts after leg one finish,- "Had a hard crash on SS6. Rear diff was gone for rest of the day. Hard day... No pace. Not going to be easy on day 2 or 3 also...". Despite the failures Lithuanian won two stages and was 2nd it two of them as well. Just 12.66sec behind him we have mad Ukranian Kirill Kolomiets who is showing that Škoda Fabia R5 can win against WRC cars, of course maybe just in good driver hands. "Made two big mistakes on very fast last section. But OK - make it safe ant sacrifice speed but on a finish. It very hart to me not push in every stage ant make calm approach for the loop ant entire rally.",- Kirill comment after finish. No doubt hat Kirill will have try hard to keep that 3rd place because Mateusz Przyszlakowski is just 9sec behind in 4th place.
   It's possible we would be talking about Jyrki Niemela like we are talking about Kirill. Because Jyrki was was fastest WRC 2 driver in first leg by winning 7 stages out of 9. Unfortunately Jyrki made a crash in SS2 and lost over a minute of precious time. By winning all those stages Finn managed to cut 10sec from leaders time climb to 3rd position and now is just 8sec from P2 which belongs to Jan Gais. So far Kirill is feeling comfortable with his Škoda Fabia R5 and one minute lead.
   WRC 3 leader Oscar Estévez didn't started in Rally Italia which means Portuguese driver gonna miss points in second event in a row. And this is a perfect opportunity for other drivers to get closer to Oscar. So far the gap for Maciej Zawisza is 41 point and 41,5 for Mariusz Domanus. But the leader in WRC 3 after firs leg is Mirek Woronecki. However his lead is very tiny, Mariusz is just 3.13sec behind and Maciej also has all the chances with 45,27 behind in 3rd place.
   So far the Spaniard is having a good race in Italy but many guys want his position and everything car happen 10 stages to go. Keep following the hottest action from Sardinian island.