Six more stages passed in Rally Italia Sardegna and competitors finished the second leg with Juan Marzoa in front. This day seems to be much harder and required even 15 cars to retire. Which means just 40 participants continuing Sardinian challenge and just 23 without Super Rally penalty.
   Although Juan Marzoa is still a rally leader, Spaniard had a hard day with many mistakes. The only stage he set the top 3 time was SS14. Lithuanian star in leg one Gedvis Ralistaz also had no pace in second leg and lost his 2nd place to Mateusz Przyszlakowski. Pole drove really nice and was faster than Juan in all of the stages. After being 4th he jumped to 2nd place and cut over 30sec from Juan lead to just 24.35sec. The last four stages could be very intriguing as the gap between Juan and Mateusz is quite fragile.
   Jan Gais crash in SS12 opened a gates to 3rd place for Pole Michal Szparski in WRC 2 classification. However Michal is over 2min from rally leader. Jyrki Niemela again was very fast but also very unlucky. If not a big mistake in SS14 which cost him over 40sec Finn maybe could be closer to WRC 2 leader Kirill Kolomiets. Ukrainian leads by 1min and 45sec but he is a bit upset about his performance in previous events,- "Got a very hot moment and after that a back-off a lot. But still got a spin and low speed crash into a tree. Lost a bumper and damage radiator. Not good leg for me in case of confidence because I have good mood in RBR-UA rally and crash on SS4 and kill all confidence for RBR-LT WRC."
   Things are quite mixed up between WRC 3 leaders after leg one. Maciej Zawisza who was 3rd managed to take the 1st place from Mirek Woronecki and pushed him to 2nd with very strong 1min 14.45sec lead. Mariusz Domanus dropped from 2nd to 3rd and is one more minute down from Mirek. This seams to be quite calm last day for Maciej.
   Four stages to go in leg three and we still are not sure about any top 3 position holder. It looks like this rally could be one of most intriguing this season.