11th event of Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 season ended and we can congratulate Juan Marzoa with a 3rd win this season. 35 participants reached the finish of Rally Italia Sardegna, 17 of them done that without Super Rally penalty. We had 11 nations competing this time and a very intriguing rally finish.
   Last day was just 4 special stages and gap between Juan Marzoa and Mateusz Przyszlakowski was just 24sec. Pole was faster in all the stages and Juan's advantage melted to just 3.91sec. Mateusz probably thought of tenths places where he could save such a small amount of time, but for this it is like it is. 3rd Marzoa's win and incresed leadership in championship,- "OK, a lot of pressure in this leg, Mateusz very close, happy to keep the position, nice fight my friend! Thanks organizers!". Mateusz wasn't too uspet about his 2nd place and enjoyed the race,- "Good rally. Thanks for great fight (smiles)". 3rd place story is an amazing achievement for WRC 2 leader Kirill Kolomiets. Ukranian was 25sec down with his R5 Škoda against Gedvis Ralistaz WRC monster after second leg, but final stages were better for Kirill and he managed to overtake Gedvis by 3.66sec and take his first podium in overall classification this season. "To be honest - I hate last stage, but took it carefully. It was a strange situation before last stage, I was only 3 sec ahead of Gedvis Ralistaz on WRC . But I was faster by 0.3sec and hold 3rd overall position. Very glad with rally. Few mistakes every day but overall seems to be very good! Thanks for a rally!",- these were the thoughts of Kirill.
   This was a really good rally for Kirill as he also took a second win in WRC 2 competition and cut down Jyrki Niemela's lead to 29,5 points. Last leg Jyrki was again very fast like the whole rally but he couldn't do anything after his mistakes and lost to Kirill 1min 45.55sec. Michal Szparski kept his 3rd place and took his 3rd podium finish with 3min 48.18sec from Kirill. "Good to be on the finish line. It was very easy to make a mistake. I am little bit angry because of my roll on the SS15. But overall rally was very positive for me. Not my stages, not the feeling which I would like to have, but OK" ,- this is how Michal concluded his Sardinian adventure.
   Regardless of crash in last day Maciej Zawisza was dominating the WRC 3 classification the whole rally and won it by a massive 4min 7.26sec advantage on nearest opponent Mariusz Domanus. This is the second win for Maciej and Pole has come to an 16 points gap behing class leader Oscar Estévez. After Mirek Woronecki and Rafal Majka retirements in SS17 a new goal and podium chance emerged for Tomyjus Vai and Pawel Wojdat. Guys were having a tight seconds battle and Lithuanian driver were leading before the last one by 6.61sec but the last stage was driven better by Pawel and Pole took his first podium finish by just 0.12sec advantage on Tomyjus. "Very close battle with Pawel. Unfortunately lost it with 0.12 sec in total. See you in next one" ,- Tomyjus said while smiling.
   Rally Italia Sargedna is announcing the middle point of Open RBR-LT WRC 2019 season. Which means we have 11 more events to see and experience. Next stop is ERC event in Poland. One more gravel challenge!