WRC20 N5
   This years Rally Sweden can be the most intense in whole history. As weather is so warm, winter is just a word this season. This means that rally's distance is cut down to less than 100 kilometers due bad road conditions. 70 crews decided to take a part in this very tricky rally.
   So far after 4 stages in first day we have Baltic drivers leading the show. Lithuanian Arnas Kerbelys is leading without winning a single stage and still was complaining,- "Stupid weather conditions... Many mistakes and roll after finish. (laughs) See you next days". Yes, M-Sport Ford WRT driver had a roll after SS4. Luckily crew is OK and car should be fine for the second day stages. Next to Arnas, just 6.27 seconds behind, we have privateer Ford Fiesta WRC driver Adrian Klimas. Pole has won SS3 and overtook his countryman Mateusz Przyszlakowski in the last stage of the day,- "Scary last stage with my damages. Need to slow down. Bad day for me... Lot of mistakes, two spins and crash. But car is repaired so we will see what tomorrow brings. (smiles) Thanks!". Mateusz Przyszlakowski won the opening stage, but just by tiny 0.33 seconds over rally leader. Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT leader is 3rd and just 0.99sec behind Adrian Klimas. Few seconds behind in 4th is Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT leader Remus Diaconescu and few seconds more we have another this team member Kiril Kolomiets in 5th place. In fact the gaps between the drivers are so small that all top 10 drivers almost fits into 30 seconds.

   WRC 2 leader after first event Gedvis Ralistaz again is showing a good pace. Gedvis, same as Arnas, didn't won any special stage, but using smart tactics holds 1st place after 4 stages,- "Gearbox was too short for the last stage and I was very safe on speed. Rest was OK, but not happy with the speed. Hope to come up with setup for other days." Almost 10 seconds behind Gedvis is Marek Wezowski with Hyundai i20 R5 and 5 seconds more in 3rd place is Vilius Šaltenis with VW Polo GTi R5. Again the top 3 is made of Baltic drivers and all top 10 positions is within 1 minute, so many positions will switch in second day.
   Finally JUNIOR WRC is the class which has a serious leader after first day. Jyrki Niemela won all four special stages and leads by more than 50 seconds. Fin also was fast on comments,- "Good first day. No mistakes (smiles)". Second in a row is Argentinian Enzo Sagrera with Ford Fiesta R2T19. After great success in Rallye Monte-Carlo, this will be a tough one trying to catch lightning-fast Opel. Lithuanians doesn't stop to amaze us in Sweden and here we have another one between leaders. Darius Mackevičius chose safe and stable driving, which led him to 3rd place with 1min and 2.72sec from leader.
   First day showed us how Lithuanians and other Baltic drivers are longing for snow and used every inch of it. Second day will bring us same four special stages, but snow in Sweden is melting because spring rain is coming. This will bring many more unknowns as gaps between drivers are very tiny in this "sprint" type rally.
wrc20 SWEDEN D1