WRC20 N9
   The last day in Rally Guanajuato Mexico was more like a survivor. From 79 drivers who started the event, only 31 reached the finish. The most "deadly" stages was SS16 and SS17, both of them required total of 23 retirements. That's a huge number and one of the retirements was the rally leader.
   Adrian Klimas started the last day as planed by wining 12 kilometer long Guanajuatito special stage and increased his lead a bit more. However the next Alfaro stage was more trickier and that's where Adrian had to stop his road to second victory this season. Pole has made a crash and received a 10 minutes penalty after restarting a with Super Rally rule,- "Bad rally for me. Mistake of my co-driver at new (for me) stage cost me good points...". Adrian's mistake opened a great opportunity for our WRC debutante Remus Diaconescu. Romanian started to lead the rally after colleges mistake and while continuing his stable driving he completed this rally in first place with 1 minute and 33.51 seconds advantage. This was not only the first win for Remus in WRC car, but a first win for Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT this season. Moreover our debutante is a new championship leader with 51 points, what an amazing start of season this is for Remus. In 2nd place behind Remus finished Lithuanian Arūnas Gylys is another shocking surprise. Driver of Škoda Fabia R5 raised up as Raivo Dabins made a mistake in SS16 and in SS17 he finally retired, here is Arūnas thoughts about the rally,- "The rally was good, and we will see how the others will go the last day. If not a mistake on first day than will be perfect". SS16 was also unforgivable for former championship leader Mateusz Przyzlakowski, this retirement helped Oscar Estevez to climb till 3rd place. M-Sport Ford WRT driver also had to fight with his team mate Arnas Kerbelys and finally to beat Jan Gais. Slovakian was very fast in his Citroën DS3 R5 and lost only 6.37 to Oscar who was behind Jan till SS20.
   The triplet of WRC 2 category remained the same as it was after day two. Although class leader Arūnas Gylys and Jan Gais who was chasing Lithuanian were flipping in positions at stage win and each of them won by 3 special stages Arūnas has increased his advantage. So 2nd placed Jan Gais had lost little bit more than 40 seconds meanwhile 3rd placed Echedei Benitez had lost 2 minutes and 24.98 seconds. However the WRC 2 classification leader remains Gedvis Ralistas, who left 4th here in Mexico and leads the category with 55 points.
   Jyrki Niemela was quite a "selfish" guy on last day, Finn won 6 special stages out of 9 in JUNIOR WRC class. This let him build over 2 minutes lead against his main competitor from Poland Maciej Zawisza. However Jyrki's comment after finish was more than hilarious,- "Bad last day. Lost time about 55 sec". Driving the Opel ADAM R2 he was the only guy not with a Ford at the finish in JUNIOR WRC category. After second win in a row Jyrki Niemela is leading his class with 58 points, 10 points more than Nazaryi Lebed in 2nd which had a different story in Mexico. Ukrainian was just 7th after second day, of course the gaps wasn't big and only minute and a half separated him from podium, but the road to it looked really hard and long. But those treacherous two stages (SS16 and SS17) had eliminated three of Narazyi's opponents. Finally he left battling with Tomyjus Vai, who was holding 3rd place in special stages 18 and 19 by 10-11 seconds ahead of Ukrainian. Surprisingly Lithuanian managed to fail on the SS20 and let Ukrainian took his 3rd place by retiring from the rally.
   What a tough rally it was and the results may be not the same as many of us probably expected. Big congratulations to all winner and finishers. Now we need to be patient wait for the future events of Open RBR-LT WRC 2020 championship.
wrc20 MEXICO D3