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 Dust from last car in rally are gone! 68 drivers from 13 countries around whole Europe started this great contest for JWRC Sprint Cup tittle. And competition is  extremely high. Miss the corner and you just see whole pack of drivers passing through. Rally Latvia. It was damp, it was sunny, it was slipery, it was fast. Very fast. From start to finish, two teams battled in top - Nordic Sim and HSF. Sadlly, Nordic Sim lost one of the fastest drivers in second stage due pacenote's problem. It was Micael Eriksson, JWRC IV winner. Stage was quite new, so good pacenotes are esential. But his teamnate Tommie Lindberg managed to snatch a victory by 13 seconds. He managed to overtake whole HSF team with  Jan Brich, Tomas Uher and JWRC III winner Jernej Feltrin. Jernej had an epic fight with Jim Hjerpe with great ending at the last short stage, where few seconds was enough to take 4th place. This overtake pulled HSF Rally Team to first place at team standings. JWRC old-timer from Yalta Crimea Rally Team Sergey Kochetkov took 7 place. Before last stage Michal Nodes with rare Škoda Fabia Kit Car was in eight position, but rally finish was cruel to him and he did not reach finish line at last stage, so whole pack gained a place. Another Swedish team showed a great result with Jan and Hasse Onkamo at 8 and 11 places. First between private drivers was Piotr Malczewski from Poland. Top ten was finished with Yuriy Titov who driverd Citroen C2.

I should mention fastest national drivers too..

 First of all, Sweden have a rally winner - Tommie Lindberg

 Jan Brich, second in rally and fastest among the Czech respublic drivers

 Slovenia is very lucky country to have a legend driver - Jernej Feltrin. As mentioned, he finished 4th

 Sergey Kochetkov is Ukraine leader this time. He finished 7th

 Piotr Malczewski, who finished 9th is fastest driver from Poland

 Yuriy Titov with his C2 finished top 10 at rally standings

 Another JWRC old-timer, estonian Ander Viiand took 13th place

 And Norway have very iconic driver, who just missed one position from points - 16th place. His name - Hannibal Lecter

 JWRC probably first time have a driver from Germany and I very happy about it. Stephan Behr finished this one at 18th. place

  JWRC home country fastet driver - Vilius Šaltenis. Yeah, he knew the roads and bastard still got no points:) 19th place

 Only 35th place for latvia. Kriss Jaunzemis took that place. Toms Kinnens was real contender for top 10 place, but he crashed early at 3rd stage

 With 10 minutes of penalty due superrally, Aliaksandr Hlushnionak from Belarus finished at 49th. place

 With same amount of penalty, portuguese Francisco Fonseca took 54th. place with especially rare - MG ZR


A lot of other fights was between drivers and even teams, many adventures, but to mention them, I should write a whoole book, and sadly I do not have nor time, nor talent to do that, so I have to sorry for those, who are not mentioned in this article.

Best wishes and see you in Finland,

Vilius Šaltenis




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