Short JWRC Rally Czech Republik review!


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 Another tarmac contest finished a few days ago. Again, it was really hard one. Only 11 managed to finish rally without superrally penalty, so all stable drivers got their reward. Even fast "superralliers" got some points. Fog, rain and darkness took many skilled drivers. But it didint took leader Jan Brich, who snatched another wictory by comfortible 2 minutes lead. But he was leadint not all rally. After stage 6, it was him, who was loosing two minutes to his teamnate Tomas Uher, but unfortunately technical problems was the factor of Tomas retirement. Another driver, who was fast enough to fight championship leader was Micael Eriksson. Before SS7 Micael needed only 13 second to cath Jan, but swedish driver was taken by the night. Nevertheless he managed to snatc few points.  Failures of many drivers lead to joy for some slower drivers. Last podium places was taken by russian duo - Evgenyi Paniushkin and Alex Karkach. The gaps of top 15 drivers were quite big, if you compare earlier rallyes gaps. JWRC Old timer Anton Kochetkov took 4th place, who with Alex help pushed Yalta Crimea Rally Team to seond position in team standings. Also great result for GVRC Rally Team from Germany. Stephan Behr and Lutz Steinbach managed to finish at 5-6 places. 

Sorry, for late and so short review, but time is kiling me.

Best wishes and see you in rally Russia,

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