Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 08.16-17

Rally - 08.18-23




Open RBR-LT WRC 2021

Shakedown - 09.13-14

Rally - 09.15-20





WRC21 top5 R8

Rally Russia review!


JWRC Rally Russia review!


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 44 drivers started snowstorm chalenge in Russia. 7 stages with not warming weather conditions made rally a good test. And northman's showed, that they know snowy conditions. Two teamnates - Micael Eriksson and Tommie Lindberg from start to finish was leading this rally fighting between them selfes. And Micael was faster, gaining second victory in this cup, while Tommie took second place. Their teamnate Jim Hjepre was figting well for last podium place, but after last servise zone he had problems and stoped at last stage. So after fights with Jernej Feltrin, Alex Karkach and Sergey Kochetkov third place winner was championship leader Jan Brich. Fight for 4th place was more interesting, where Sergey Kochetkov and Alex Karckach was figting. Before last stage Alex needed only 1,5 second to overtake Sergey, but ukrainian pushed hard at last one and keeped his place. Due Jim Hjerpe retirment all pack gained a place. In battle for 6th place winner was Aleksey Lopukhov. 7th placed Vilius Šaltenis was lacking 7 seconds to overtake Aleksey. But he managed to keep his place against Kristaps Usvils, who was faster in last staged, but still needed 5,6 seconds to catch lithuanian. But Kristaps can be happy, because he stayed 4 seconds in front of very fast slovenian - Jernej Feltrin. And top 10 was finished by Yalta Crimea Rally Team driver - Anton Kochetkov.

Because I will be out of few days, rally Scotland will start at Friday and finishes at Tuesday.

Best wishes and see you in rally Scotland,

Vilius Šaltenis